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Sunset summer field, 100X150 cm Epson print with the artist signature.

A High-quality Epson print on canvas.


Now you can buy a print of The nature oil paintings Series, created by Nurit Shany during the years 2009 to 2012.


Some originals were sold through the Montefiore Action house in Tel Aviv climbing to the price of 4000$ for a painting of 100X100cm.This image can be purchased as a print with an original signature of the artist, in the original size 150X100 cm, or can be fitted to the dimension of the room or wall you choose to hang it on by changing the proportion to fit it to your needs.


The end iproduct is a high-quality Epson print with a certificate of authenticity, in the exact image you see here .If you like this image follow the ordering procedures as described in the following.


To order choose your image. Contact the artist by mail or Watsup sending your name and address and phone number adding the dimensions to fit your need. The Artist will call you back to fit the art to your exact needs and set the price.


Order and pay through Pay-pal. The art will be shipped over up to 14 days from order unless set differently by consent between artist and client.


Thank you Nurit Shany

A sunset summer field - 001

  • An Epson high quality print on canvas 

    Shiping 10 days from paypal pay ment, sent roled in a tube. Shiping fee inclouded

    100X150 cm, with original artist signature - 1170$

    80X120 cm, with original artist signature  -  800$

    50X75 cm, , with original artist signature - 400EUR


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