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Taking Notice of a Timeline, oil on canvas, 100X150 cm

streaming through time, 100x150 cm.jpg

The artist's comment:


In this image of a young woman taking cell phone photos of a couple, the asymmetric reflection with its two points of view creates a space in the sky in which two couples sit in parallel worlds, before and behind her, calling for awareness of parallel realms as a step towards spiritual growth.


A call for consciousness to be aware of time as it streams leaving a trail of memories creating a diary in clouds of 'Selfie' albums.

The young 'Selfie' photographers living the moment create layers of visual documentation that call for a fresh response.  Such as humorously browsing back and forth revealing occurring instances such as man-woman- bench through which relationships have ripened or changed and young became older.

streaming through time, 100x150 cm USD (
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