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City Lily Ponds 2018

A reflextion of a day in tel Aviv, lili

The artist's comment:


Every few years something in me dies and awakens, leading me to a change of theme or style in my paintings. The preliminary signs of change are boredom of the previous theme or concept, my interest stops evolving and paintings lose their freshness. This happened to me as I was painting the Seashore paintings, selling them and getting commissions. I decided that aside from for commissions I'll stop painting them and researched for something else.

As I walked through the city, I discovered the Lily ponds. I saw their depth through the transparent water, in which colorful fish swam and weeds grew between rocks. On the ponds surface floated the Lily heart-like leaves and the glamorous beautiful flowers, a fallen leaf or straw, and through it I saw the depth of the heights - the skyscrapers, trees, clouds and the blue sky's reflection. 

I was not sure about this theme because of Claude Monet's monopoly over it.

Therefor I searched deeper and found that reflections are actually a psychedelic 

pattern of seeing parallel realities and this concept opened a new route for me to paint the Conceptual Images and their asymmetric reflections, as you can see in the home page.

Till I got to the conceptual images I managed to paint several paintings of City Lily Ponds. Each painting found a home.

A Reflection in a City Lily Pond, 150x60 cm, the Gvirtz collection, Israel

A reflextion of a kiss, water lili ponds

A Reflection in a City Lily Pond with Lovers,  150x60 cm, the Artist's collection, Israel

children's laughter, 70X170cm 72.jpg

A Reflection in a City Lily Pond with Children, 170x70 cm, An unknown collection, Israel

water lilys with a blue reflection 100X1

A  City Lily  Pond, 150x60 cm, 100x100 cm, the Shany (artist family) collection, Israel

70X70 300 bstract lili.jpg

A  City Lily  Pond, 100x100 cm, An unknown collection, Israel

White light on a blue reflection 110X100

A  City Lily  Pond, 100x100 cm, the Shany collection (artist family), Israel

Fish cross 90X95.jpg

A reflection in a City Lily Pond 100x100 cm, the Pinchas collection, Hod Hasharon

houses 100X100cm 300.jpg

A Reflection in a City Lily Pond 100x100 cm, an unknown collection, Israel

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