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Evening twittering, oil on canvas, 100X140 cm

Evening twittering, 100X130cm.jpg

The artist's comment:


The Jewish tradition has not produced paintings of exotic creatures. In early Hindu literature, Garuda - half man half eagle appears as the avatar of Lord Vishnu. In Tibetan tradition, Garuda (Khyung) is a mythical bird of gigantic proportions, able to block the sunlight with its size. In Japan, Karua is an enormous fire-breathing eagle-man with golden feathers and magic gems crowning its head. the Egyptian god Horus with the falcon head is a powerful entity of the cosmos and of Justice.


This painting emerged from the many human chitters I hear during gatherings. People have a lot to say and their voices blend like the evening chittering of birds.


I see in human behaviors glimpses of ancient characters mirroring mythological creatures. 

Evening twittering, 100X130cm USD.jpg
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