2d-3d Spaces - 2000-2017

The 2D-3D space paintings are were created in an unconscious narrative line that occupied my research. Only now I see how these paintings are on a path that led to the dimensions in the City Ponds and to the asymmetrical reflections.


During the years I was attracted to compare the different dimensions not knowing where it will lead me. I looked for something. I sensed but was not fully conscious of what it is that I'm finding until 2020 when many narrative lines united to the path of the conceptual images of parallel realities.

I relate to these paintings as first sprouts of a concept that will ripen during 20 years of contemplation and creative trials to find an accurate form to a concept that is in disguise in daily life. 


The stream of paintings in this page, from past to recent, starts at the year 2000 and ends in 2017. Each painting withholds an inner story told through the relationship between a 2D object and a 3D object. 

Some picturesque narratives can be found in the early Shop Window series that in its way expresses the concept of asymmetric reflection, as does this series.

The style of painting in those years and in this series is figurative. 


This series and the Shop Window series were both created, at the time, with no awareness of the central position the concept of 'Dimensions' and reflections will take in my art and in my understanding in thesubsequent years.

The graphiti artist, 30x40cm, Shani (artist family) collection, 2019 

The The salmon and the dog, 100x180cm, Private collection, Tel Aviv, 2019

Vertigo, 120x100 cm, private collection, Tel Aviv,  2015

The Performer , 130x100cm,  Artist collection 2016

The Performer 2, 130x100cm,  Artist  collection, 2016

The DJ , 130x100cm,  Artist  collection  2016

The art lover , 130x100cm,  Artist  collection

The Performer 3 , 130x100cm,  Artist  collection, 2016

The Performer 4 , 130x100cm,  Unknown  collection 2014

Red boots, 90x11 0cm,  Artist  collection, 2017

The Theatre dresser, 130x100cm,  An unknown collection 2016

The cabaret singer , 130x100cm,  Artist  collection, 2016

The model agent , 130x100cm,  The Artist collection, 2003

The factory workers , 120X160cm,  Unknown collection, 2002

The cabaret dancers , 120x160cm,  Unknown collection 2002