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'Escapism' 3, oil on canvas, 140X77 cm

Escapism, oil on canvasm 300  Cell photo

The artist's comment:


This painting is part the Escapism series created to honor the victims of ISIS's and Bucco Haram and other terrorist radical groups.


It demonstrates our human response of curiosity to see the horrific evil scenes, talking about them and sending them to others on the E-net, once the 'send' button is pushed we escape back to our daily lives to continue with our private chosen aims.

Most of us ignore the fate of the unfortunate. Only a few rise to change the circumstances.

The bathing women portrayed are taken from the Tel Aviv Jaffa sea shore, an ongoing recreation resort  for the city dwellers and tourists. Their image stands for the continuous hedonistic needs in each one of us during covid-19 or other disasters, living in parallel to the catastrophes that continue to occur in our globe under oppressive regimes war zones or global warming.

The background house on fire across the river, stands for all houses and homes destroyed by act of war or force of nature in many places around the world. 

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