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The Concept

paradigm rabit.jpg

What do you see?

"This is the question I ask my viewers, I ask each one of them 'what do you see' because each of us sees differently and each of us adds up the data into a different paradigm, having an individual blind spot and an individual reaction to surprises."

"I love paintings. I love even more paintings I can stare at endlessly as their nuances are revealed. "(The artist)

Nurit Shany's Art calls people to walk on the path of awareness, widening their consciousness as they walk through the natural ignorance of the human cognition.

In her work of art as in her philosophy and teachings she calls an awareness to the main two parallel existences of man and women, the existence of the material experiences in the surrounding and the experience of the inner mental psychedelia exitance.

When analyzing the concept of parallelism, one crosses the huge sea of opposites: black white, light darkness, in out, that lay out in a hierarchic order throughout the human cognitive evolution. Opposites that Nurit Shany puts to action defining the relations between the lower and upper part of the pictorial format. 

Nurit Shany plays with the set patterns of visual understanding, subtly changing them between the two points of view just enough to arise a difference of conception like the shape of the rabbit-duck above. So, when one looks at the series of conceptual imagery one crosses his.her own blind spot and experiences a subtle paradigm shift.

A paradigm shift is a major change in a set of concepts and practice of how something works or is accomplished. It very often happens when unexcepted new data is introduced that radically alters the previous set of minds. It relates to the evolution of human thought and culture and was explored by the physicist and philosopher Thomas Kuhn.

You are invited to read more about the narrative of each work of art from the conceptual imagery series by clicking on the 'See more' buttons in the home page.

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