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Waves - 2011-2013

a golden trail 300 small.jpg

A Golden Trail of Light, 90X180 cm, the Yaakov Shmulevitch collection, Haifa.

The series of oil paintings 'Waves' emerged from a very long gaze at the sea of the untouched Jaffa seashore in which I set for a whole year pondering on how it is possible to paint an endless moving substance. 

Until I moved to Tel-Aviv-Jaffa I lived in mountain areas of forests, in the Galilee and in Jerusalem. When, at 2010, I finally left my former life to give myself up to my art and came to live and create in Jaffa, I rented a warehouse for a studio because its door opened to the sea. It wasn't an easy time for me. I was a divorcee still mourning the unexpected consequences of intimate relationships and here, just across the road, all along the day, reaching to the horizon, was an unexpected element moving constantly, roaring and changing colors on a daily basis.
At first, I tried to study the inconsistencies, then the different textures, then I wondered how it is possible to freeze the see by painting. 
One day as I concentrated on one wave as it ran towards me it occurred to me that a wave is similar to a mountain ridge just with foam curls on its top. This opened the option of portraying waves in their rich appearances in the weather changes. I think that if people were an ocean our moods would look like waves.
Only years later when surfing through the internet it dawned on me that so many artists in the world paint waves and that although originating in me, I'm unknowingly, a part of a global group of wave painters.

The series includes 40 paintings, of which 19 are 100X150/180 cm. I exhibited them in a solo exhibition, by invitation of the Tel-Aviv Culture Department in an exhibition called: ' The Tel-Aviv Sea in the Desert', in the opening of a theatre in its sister city Dimona, in the Negev desert. It was curated by Adi Yekutieli, the Tel-Aviv Municipality curator at that time.
Most of the paintings were bought along the coming year by private clients for home decoration. Three are in the artist's family collection.

pink splash 100X150 300 small.jpg

Foam of Light, 100x150 cm, The Kafka family collection, Florida

a blue sea with green rocks 80X160 cm 30

Foam on Green Rocks, 100x 180 cm, unknown collection , Germany. Sold through the Art &About gallery

blue sea, nurit shany, oil on canvas,  1

Foam On a Coming Wave, 100x150 cm, unknown collection collection

blue 85X16572.jpg

Foam On a Coming Wave 2, 100x150 cm, Shany collection, The artist family collection

a bleu sea 100X150 cm nurit shany, oil o

Blue Winter Waves , 100x150 cm, private collection Tel Aviv

a quiet sea 1 40X100 cm.jpg

A Morning Coming Wave, 110x80 cm, unknown collection 

50X110 cm , nurit shany, oil on canvas,

An Evening Coming Wave, 110x90 cm, Jonna Levi collection, Tel-Aviv

a golden trail 1.jpg

Sunset Jewels, 100x150 cm, Yossi Cohen collection, Bat -Yam. Through the Montefiore auction house

transparent 300 small.jpg

Transparency, 100x150 cm, unknown collection through the Art Expressions Gallery , Tel Aviv

100X170 cm  faom nurit shany, oil on can

Foam  Curls, 80x160 cm, unknown collection 

shining sand 100X150cm  300.jpg

A Sun Rise Cloud Reflection, 100x150 cm, Havi & Moshe Winstien collection

the preyer of the wave 100X100cm 2.jpg

A Sun Rise Pink Wave, 100x100 cm, Havi & Moshe Winstien collection

a cloud on send 1X1m.jpg

A Sun Rise Cloud Reflection, 100x150 cm, Yaacov Shmulevitch collection

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