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Escapism 2, oil on canvas 100X150 cm

Escapism 2 100x150cm.jpg

The artist's comment:


This painting is part the Escapism series created to honor the victims of ISIS's, Bucco Haram and other terror radical groups. It demonstrates our human survival response of curiosity to see the horrific evil scenes, talking about them and sending them to others on the E-net, once the 'send' button is pushed we escape back to our daily lives to continue with our private chosen aims.

Most of us ignore the fate of the unfortunate. Only few take action to change the circumstances.

The two women portrayed, resting on a bench after jogging in the Jaffa market place, and their reflection stand for the slight change occurring in us as catastrophes continue to occur while we hold-on to our daily routine.


The background house on fire stands for all houses and homes destroyed by act of war or force of nature on our globe.

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