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Waiting for Change, oil on canvas, 100X150 cm

Waitinf for change, 150x100cm.jpg

The Artist's comment:


The asymmetric reflection, with two points of views, shows people sitting in a space of parallel worlds, the physical and the spiritual. Each gesture in the physical world is connected to a held object in the psychedelic realm.


Here there is a call for consciousness to be aware of the connection between the inner and outer worlds, because awareness of parallel realms is a step towards spiritual growth.

In the endless wheel of time there are gates of change through which we pass from the old to the new, from death to life. Sometimes a new beginning awaits in the horizon. We sit and wait to see its arrival discovering that we are not alone in our blind awaiting. This is a time to look at ourselves and others. To see how different, we reveal ourselves to each other's by saying:

"I have a blue butterfly."

"I hold on to my apple."

"I bear a fantasy in my stomach."

"I love you."

"I still hold the world in my hands." 

"I am feeding a bird."

Very different in our personal psychedelic space yet familiar, all of us surf through space.

Waitinf for change, 150x100cm USD.jpg
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