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from 1997 till today

This archive documents examples of art works created from 2004, documented in 2009.  All my former work from 1984 to 2004 was not properly documented.


Before I studied at the Bezalel Art Academy, 1980-1984, I mainly sketched on paper and those sketches are in the artist's collection. From 1984 I painted on brown paper and some works of the 'Intifada' images which are not in Israeli collections were lost in New York after a bankruptcy of the Israeli gallery in Manhattan at (2003). I hope they will be found one day. 


Many works that were not documented from the years 1998-2004 are in private collections in Jerusalem. During 2005-2007 I painted paintings of Jerusalem which were were undocumented and sold to tourists through a gallery in Jerusalem. The Gallery closed during 2009. 

You are invited to follow through the following pages. You can see examples of the different stations I've passed on my creative path up to my recent art works. 

On my creative path my choices were not all made by conscious awareness of the full depth of their content. It is the gut that maneuvers the creative choices. As the years pass the past art works reveal more meaning as their new creative outcomes unfolds and I come nearer to the integration of my inner point of view on life through painting and writing. I see how my recent ability has been built by my former choices and I hope you can crystalize my path through the former series.

I thank all the art lovers and art collectors who, by purchasing my paintings, enabled me to survive and keep up my creative revenues. I thank you for being here now.

By clicking on the image below you can open a link to each series page:


Tel Aviv sea shore 2014-1017

summer weeds &olive treed 1 300.jpg

Israeli nature  - 2007

lost ornaments 120X139cm 72.jpg

2D 3D spaces

a cloud on send 1X1m.jpg

Waves 2012 -2014

awoman waiting- nurit shany.jpg

shop windows 200-2006

3-july09 -12.jpg

A shadow on a wall - 2007

water lilys with a blue reflection 100X1

City ponds 2017 - 2018

wooden yacht 72 120X120.jpg

Marin reflections 2017

עין רואה.jpg

Abstract  1997-2000

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