Abstract 1997-2004

Abstract art is music. It has rhythm and hues that can be listened to,  and is created by visual sentences that are an expression of sensations beyond words. It is created by an impulse confronting the white canvas and an inner mental movement.

Abstract art reveals inner formulas that are in the core of living processes. All verticals are standing up as trees and sprouts do. All horizontals are laying down as the earth and the horizon do, all diagonals are ready to act and move from one side to the other. Dots are passive and lines are active they can be heavy and sink or light and float and fly.

The sky and earth, the up and down innate in our body-image relates all abstracts in to a set of the six axes of the directions: up-down, front-back, right-left.

In the six directions a drama prevails.

This is the language I use in my abstract paintings.

At the year 2007 I was commissioned by the Israeli galley in Jerusalem to exhibit abstract paintings in the Panorama hotel in Jerusalem. I chose to deal with the idea of Three religions, each taking a different color "dancing" around a white shape.

After the exhibition took place many works were sold through the Israeli Gallery in Jerusalem that has since closed. Some went to decorate offices and others were bought by private collections.

In 2008 I was invited to exhibit in arestaurant-gallery in Binyamina by the curator Dorit Talmon, in which I showed the 'Flower Pots' series (see below).


Three Religions, 170X140 cm, artist's collection


The Debate, 110X190 cm, Yaakov Shmulevitch collection

עין רואה.jpg

The Eye ofFate, 10X100 cm, unknown collection, Jerusalem 

A dove of peice.jpg

A Timeless Bird, 100X100 cm, private collection, Kfar Saba

3-july09 -11.jpg

The Gaza War Zone, 150X100 cm, artist's collection

צלילים 2-1.jpg

Abstract with Red  1 , 100X70 cm, unknown collection


Abstract with Red 2 , 100X70 cm, unknown collection

abstract flower pots 3 nurit shany.jpg

Abstract with Red 3 , 100X70 cm, unknown collection


Abstract with Red 4, 100X70 cm, unknown collection

The flower pots

abstract flower pots 7 nurit shany.jpg

 A Plant Pot 1, 40X40 cm, The Berman collection, Tel Aviv

abstract flower pots 8 nurit shany.jpg

 A Plant Pot 3 , 50X50 cm, The Artist's collection 

  A Plant Pot 2, 40X40 cm, The Shany collection, Tel Aviv

A Plant Pot 4, 40X40 cm, The Shany collection, Tel Aviv

abstract flower pots 6 nurit shany.jpg

A Plant Pot 5, 40X40 cm, The Shany collection, Tel Aviv

abstract flower pots 4 nurit shany.jpg

A Plant Pot 6, 40X40 cm, The Artist's collection, 

abstract flower pots 5 nurit shany.jpg

A Plant Pot 7, 40X40 cm, The Artist's collection 

Red Blue and White on paper, 20X30 cm, Shenhar collection

abstract 46 nurit shany.jpg

Red Blue and White on paper 2, 20X30 cm, Shenhar collection

abstract 45 nurit shany.jpg

Yellow Blue and White on paper, 20X30 cm, Shenhar collection