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Tel Aviv Sea Shore scenes


TA 3 300 65X165 cm.jpg

A Warm Winter Day, 80x180 cm, The Ben-Shlush collection, Tel Aviv  

The Tel Aviv SeaShore landscapes are inspired by the magnificent seashore strip along the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa that provides leisure time, rest, health and a meditative space for the people of Tel Aviv.


As I meditate listening to the rhythm of the waves approaching and retreating, sitting above on a high point of view I see lively little scenes getting smaller and smaller as they retreat farther away.

Once a friend called and said that as they sit on the sand they feel as if they sit in one of my paintings. This was the best compliment I could get, aside from so many people who purchased and ordered paintings of this series. I think the series leads to continuation of meditative feeling.

You are invited to go into the shop and see the prints available from this series. 

The series was exhibited in the Montefiore Gallery in Tell Aviv on June 2014 under the name 'The Colors of the Sea' curated by the gallery co-owner Yuval Ben Shloush

Tel Aviv sea shore140X80 cm 72.jpg

A Summer Day, 100x160 cm, privet collection, Jerusalem  

1X1 cm Azrieli collection.jpg

An Orange Umbrella, 100x110 cm, The Azrieli collection, Tel Aviv  

A blue ambrella and pigions,130x110 cm 7

A Blue Umbrella, 100x110 cm, privet collection, Tel Aviv  

ta 11 72 100X140cm.jpg

Splashing Water, 100x150 cm, private collection, Tel Aviv  

או סףאסף גווירץ.jpg

A Woman With a White Shirt, 90x110 cm, The Gvirts collection, Israel 

A woman walking 60X140 cm 300.jpg

A sunny day, 60x140 cm, private collection, Rishon Le Zion, Israel  


A Woman With a Red Umbrella, 60x140 cm, The Sea & Sun gallery, Tel Aviv  

60X50 cm.jpg

A Girl Bathing, 60x40 cm, The ben Shlush collection, Tel Aviv  

C ta pink sunset  50X50   72.jpg

Sunset, 100x150 cm, private collection, Tel Aviv  

C ta a couple and a dove 50X50  300.jpg

Friends, 40x40 cm, private collection, Tel Aviv  

two pigions 20X25 300.jpg

Pidgions, 20x40 cm, Artist family collection, Tel Aviv  

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