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Adam Eve and the Apple Tree, oil on canvas, 100X150 cm

Adam Eave and the apple tree. 150x100cm.

The artist's comment:


The biblical scene of Adam, Eve and the forbidden apple tree is a canonic theme that meets us in many aspects as an archetype that influences our life.

Answering to the principals of 'parallel existences', I have created my version.


My line of images has leaned on people I see in public spaces. I saw the woman's expressive hand movement, it dawned on me that in another place and time she could let go of the picked forbidden apple. Now, in my painting, the possibilities of grabbing or letting go are hanging in the air.

The story of genesis is the first in line of a Jewish traditional story telling about women bringing about change by seeing a small window of opportunity, a change of paradigm to be fulfilled by men. 

Adam Eave and the apple tree. 150x100cm
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