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'Walking Through Change', oil on canvas, 100X150 cm

Walking through change, 150X100cm.jpg

The Artist's comment:


Like the former paintings this image is an asymmetric reflection, with two points of views, showing people walking in the sky, through a space of parallel worlds, the physical and the spiritual. Each gesture in the physical world is connected to a held object in the psychedelic inner world.

It is a call for awareness to times of change when the known vanishes and the new has not yet arisen.

In the psychedelic space there is no gravity. The inner witness declares its existence and the inner eye floats around, provoking awareness of all the contents collected to renounce reality.


Very much as on the theatre stage, each of us holds on to something or other, that carries a familiar meaning. Then when a time of crisis comes announcing change, we are left hanging in the air holding on to a hope for shelter that drives us on and on walking through space until we hold on again to something familiar.

Walking through change, 150X100cm
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