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Images From a Marina - 2017

baots 120X150cm.jpg

Sunset in The Marina, 120x155 cm, private collection Israel

During 2017, after gazing at the sea horizon, meditating and painting the 'Waves' series, I felt like crossing the ocean and started a Skipper's course. I painted few paintings of yachts, but as I sailed my stomach rebelled and I found myself sitting in the marina staring at the reflection in the shapes of boats dancing, dissolving into abstract stains of color in the water.

Those impressions were the inspiration for the series 'Images from a marina'.

As I enlarged the reflections painted by light in water, I was intrigued with the abstraction I found tricking the eye in the water.


I didn't know then that this was the first step, a preface to the great interest in reflections that I later developed into an expression of the worlds beyond. 

wooden yacht 72 120X120.jpg

The White Boat, 120x120 cm, unknown collection, sold by Forte gallery

lighted boat 155X115cm 72.jpg

A Golden Boat, 120x150 cm, unknown collection, sold by Forte gallery

sailing, 155X120cm 72.jpg

Sailing Towards the Horizon, 120x155 cm, unknown collection, sold by Forte gallery

fogy marina 70x100 cm 72.jpg

A White day, 70x100 cm, unknown collection, sold by the Montefiore gallery

green misty marina, 80X100cm 72.jpg

Green Water, 80x100 cm, private collection

100X40 cm waiting for the sail.jpg

The Sail, 80x200 cm, unknown collection, sold by the Montefiore gallery

Pebels, 130X40 cm, 72.jpg

Clouds Reflection, 130x40 cm, artist collection

hapy reflection 40X140cm 72.jpg

Abstract Playground, 140x40 cm, artist collection

A reflection with a red ball, 100X50cm72

A Red Ball, 60x110 cm, artist collection

reflextion 150X50cm 72.jpg

Dancing Verticals, 160x50 cm, private collection, Jaffa

marina 170x70 cm.jpg

Abstract and Clouds, 140x50 cm, private collection, Israel

An abstract reflection, 100X150cm 72.jpg

Abstract and Clouds, 100x150 cm, private collection, Israel

Marina 60X50cm L 300.jpg

An Abstract Dichotomy, 60x80 cm, private collection, Israel

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