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Parallel Realities in Our Global Present

In the beginning of the century, in the year 2000 we hung our hopes.

Now we can look back a little and see how, from the beginning, this century has been stained with blood, fire, water and financial expenses, greed, lust and control struggles that claimed to restore balance, while repeatedly harming the masses and the world.

In 2018 I painted ten large paintings of 'Burning Cities'. I turned upside down landscapes from sweet tourist postcards and I didn't know how and where to exhibit them.

All the years till now The series rested in my 'studio' until some of the paintings were ordered to a gallery in Paris.

The archeological remains of the city of Hatra withhold horrible recent stories exhibited by ISIS cameras to horrify the world.

Nurit Shany, Hatra, Burning cities, oil on canvas,130X180 cm

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