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Sea Shore landscapes prints


A High-quality Epson print on canvas. can be stretched on a stretcher.


Now you can buy a print of The Lili pond oil paintings Series, created by Nurit Shany during the years 2017 to 2018.


This image can be purchased as a print with an original signature of the artist, in the original size 170X70 cm orreduced in this proportion to fit it to your needs. 

35X85cm for 400$

50X120cm for 750$


The end image is a high-quality Epson print with a certificate of authenticity, in the exact image you see here .


If you like this image follow the ordering procedures as described in the following.

The ordering procedure is:

  • Choose your imageContact the artist by mail or Watsup sending your name and address and phone number adding the dimensions to fit your need
  • The Artist will call you back to fit the art to your exact needs and set the price.
  • Order and pay through Pay-pal.
  • The art will be shipped over up to 14 days from order unless set differently by consent between artist and client.


Thank you Nurit Shany

Lovers Reflection in a Lili pond_553_170x70cm

  • You can order sizes to fit your home or office:

    calculate the price  by multiplying: Length (cm) X width (cm) X 0.12$

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