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Do you need a Guide for Guided Imagination?

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Guided imagery is a technique that uses the ability to see images with closed eyes.

Not everyone closes their eyes and sees images. Some can only see shining light on the closed eyelids and do not activate the internal vision capability at all.

When eyes are closed everyone can draw attention and feel the breath and most of the normative population can feel the physical body. Body image is an important component of imaging and it affects the 3D experience of the inner space.

One can explore the inner space as one can explore the outer space known as reality and everyone has an inner geography in which the five senses move around when attention is directed inward. The five senses also operate in dreaming, instead of facing outward, they are directed inward, creating impressions that are experienced as internal reality, parallel to external reality. Dreaming is an involuntary action and it is common to believe that the sensory experiences experienced as a dream are an echo of the totality of the dreamer's life experience and relate to many layers.

Internal vision is called imagination, and the RAMBAM a Jewish doctor and philosopher of the 12th century has already said that imagination cannot create forms but only assemble parts of reality seen with open eyes. Yet it was used by priests and spiritual teachers and healers to see beyond the Material realms. Today in the post-psychological age, imagination is used as a tool for reflecting mental, spiritual and mystical processes.

According to the Jewish Kabala the inner mental world is defined by five mental realms:

The mind (NEFESH) that includes emotions and thoughts.

The spirit (ROAHC) a level that includes skills, experiences, learning and assimilation and creativity.

The Soul (Neshama) a level that includes messages about vocation, lessons, and life transitions.

The HAYA that pushed to benefit the public, the world and the universe.

The YHIDA r that includes the experience of oneness of the universe.

Both dreams and waking imagination relate to these strata.

So how do these experiences come about?

The interplay between the experience of inner reality and the experience of external reality is different from person to person.

Elementary education and culture offer almost no tools for integrating both realities and each person embarks on his own mental journey alone and on the way finds mentors that allow him to learn more.

Some people experience and know how to manage their inner space during everyday life and are aware of the impressions of the inner world. Some people do not trust the inner experience and turn only to impressions from the outer space of what is perceived by them as an exclusive external reality. Some are afraid of what they may see and some are struggling to experience an inner, unsuccessful experience.

Whatever it may be, it is important to know that the imagination can be guided while awake. Opening a gate to an alternative reality expressed by symbolic language. Guided imagery directs the attention to his parallel reality that exists side by side to the outer reality and the dream world. The process is voluntary and the population is divided into four main groups with different fields of action of the imagination which are also different tools:

Visual people who see images.

Sensing people who can simulate through sensations and textures, smells and tastes.

Auditory people who can simulate using sounds.

Concrete and logical people who can simulate through verbal thought.

I believe that anyone can learn how to look inside, You just needs to know what are the tools at your disposal and if you want and do not succeed you can contact a facilitators for guided imagery, or meditation teachers and start with their method while constantly searching for your own personal geography and tools that are right for you. Because we are born into this world, we acquire tools to explore our environment and sometimes we do not know much about the space closest to us, our inner space there for this is a calling to start attending inward.

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