Oil painting 2008-2010

Israeli nature

טבע ישראלי  ציורי שמן


A slide show

During 2008-2010 I was living in the Judea Mountains, far from the center of culture and politics. From that perspective I noticed that the public media attracts to the same terrible issues high rating, while private people tend to give attention to things they love and that resemble their good moments. I searched images of nature appearing in private albums and noticed that my loved pinecones and dry thorns of the Israeli summer fields and forests, have become a common image, where as those items do not appear in the Israeli art rated by art collectors. 

So I decided to create an artistic platform for those low rating objects and for two years created those scenes of Israeli nature.

  • סטודיו נורית שני פייסבוק

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nurit shany - sunrise

oil on canvas- 100X150 cm

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