Oil paintings  2000 - 2008  ציורי שמן 

A gallery show

Those Were ten years of motherhood and divorce.

Of changing the hole former still of life of mine. Relationships, accommodation, parenthood, logic and mysticism, all turned upside down in my life changing me into a different woman and making clear who I am and what are my goals in life. My art became my main goal as a stage for my dialogue with the public.


I searched for forms that will reveal my thoughts.


As I traveled around I noticed that window shops are always some kind of comment about women or men.

Since my identity, as a woman, occupied my thoughts at that time I saw in the various shop window designs a way of expressing my feelings. Each painting became a symbol of my thoughts, The concept dialoging with the classic concept that a painting is a window for the observer.

30 works of the 'Window Shop' series is now in the collection of the SBC 

  • סטודיו נורית שני פייסבוק

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A window with Lilis - Nurit Shany

Oil paintig - 120X100 cm

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