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Thank you for visiting.  You are most welcome to enjoy my contemporary oil paintings.

Beauty is a personal concept created from mental material, given over to you to choose from, in order to plant it in your environment according to your choice.

Since my childhood I play with concepts and form shapes of expression through different media. I paint the images, my mind brings up as worthy of my attention, or find expression through writing, sculpture or performance.

I grew in Israel. I was born in kibbutz Gvat, in the Izrael valley and spent my childhood in a small town dwelled in an oak tree Forrest called Tivon (meaning in Hebrew: ongoing nature) During my life I lived in different areas of Israel, in the Negev desert I lived in Sde-Boker (meaning: A Morning field), in Jerusalem (meaning: see peace)and in Tel Aviv (meaning: spring hill). Words, names and images always seemed connecting to each other symbolically. adding meaning to reality.

As I paint my contemporary oil paintings and write, I observe my visuals in my actual surrounding which becomes my main narrative, but art is a social act. So although I create it in my private meditative surrounding. I need your involvement in choosing art objects out of the variety of art object I create daily on my artistic path, and your creative act is withholding art and defining it as culture by turning those originals in to a part of your possession and environment.




TL: 972 (0)544875070

Studio Nurit Shany, 12 Poria st., Tel-Aviv, Israel, 6811424



1956- Born in kibbutz Gvat, Israel

BfA degree in the Bezalel academy, Jerusalem.

1998-2011 Painting in Jerusalem.

2011-2018 painting in Tel Aviv.



Group exhibition- Artist house- Jerusalem

Desert Landscapes- Sdee Boker University institute

Black & White – Jerusalem Artist House& The Kiriat Gat Theatre

Israeli People-YMCA gallery- Jerusalem    

'Traces'-  The Morasha  Art  school gallery – Jerusalem  

Exhibition on the run- cross country- Omanut La'aam 

'People' - Ort Brande Gallery, Carmiel, Israel

100 community art works in various institutes in Jerusalem created 1997-2004, funded by the "Partnership 2000 " Jerusalem-New York             

Intifada"- the Israeli galley In NY, NY, 2000"

Women-   in Jerusalem Restaurants       

Shop windows- The JCS offices in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv 30 works in the collection

Decoration – The Ein-Hod gallery

Barriers- the Jerusalem Theatre

Chakra – the Kumkum gallery restaurant, Jerusalem.

Three religions- the Prima hotel- Jerusalem        

2006- A shade on the wall-El kara Gallery - Daliat El Karmel- Curator, Salah El Kara

2007- Earth- the Bar Ilan University – Curator Gui Olami

2007-Plant Pots – Binyamina- Cuator Dorit Talmon 

2009-The song of weeds- Leonardo Gallery, Tel Aviv- Curator Miriam Bitman                  

2010-Israeli Summer – the Prima hotel Gallery – Tel Aviv – Curator Nurit Tenne  

2010- Trees – the Avenue Center – Jan 2010

2012- Waves- Tel Aviv Dimmona art canter- Curator Adi Yekutieli

2010- Jaffa sea shore – the Jaffa saloon of arts- Tel Aviv- Permanent exhibition- up to 2014

People at the sea shore- group exhibition Montefeiore gallery- Tel Aviv- 2013-14

2014- The colors of the sea- the Montefeiore gallery Tel-Aviv

2017- 8 An ongoing exhibition in the Nurit Shany studio Gallery, Tel Aviv


Collections                                                          Galleries in Tel Aviv

JCS television office center in Jerusalem       The Jaffa salon gallery, Jaffa Tel Aviv

The Leumi Bank collection                               E&T gallery, Nave Zedek and Tel Aviv port

The Ofer Nimrodi collection                             Montefeiore auction house Gallery

The Daniel Fridman collection                       

The Yossle Bergner collection

The montefiore gallery collection

The Oren Shats collection

The Azrieli collection

Other private collections

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Telephone:   972(0)544875070