A shadow on a wall- A multimedia painting

   Exhibited in elkara gallery 2007

A slide show

My childhood passed in a kibbutz.

The Kibbutz houses were covered with plaster to protect us from the heat of the Israeli summer. As time passed the walls were painted over and over again so when they peeled one could see the different colored layers telling the story of time.

During the years before 2007 I searched a form that can tell about time. so in this exhibition, the plantation of the 7 kinds that stand as a Jewish archetype and symbol stood for authenticity that passes away like fashion or the seasons, and the multimedia background imitating a plastered and peeling wall stood for strengthening the memory of the Israeli 50'es, a time of modesty and closeness to nature and ideals. 

  • סטודיו נורית שני פייסבוק

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A pincone, mixed media, 20X30 cm