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Nurit Shany, Alternative reality: ‘A writing on the wall - The appearance of the muse’, oil on canvas detail

I used to call this painting:

‘A writing on the wall - The appearance of the muse’


Now I call it ‘The search for a redeeming angel of the straights’.

I wander: Am I entitled to be called an artist if I’m not, not, not, not?

For I'm straight and have many negative definition?
I'm not eastern. I’m not a tycoon. Not under the cost of living index. And not a public figure. Not a politician. Not an activist. Not an war widow. Not disabled. Not a terror victim. Not a victim of sexual abuse. Not homosexual. Not lesbian. And not a Transexual. Not a repent. Did not become religious.

What am I?

How do I belong to the victims?

I do belong to a not-so-well-known minority group.

I am a member of a very minor minority group that did not define itself as needy:

I'm a redhead.

I’m straight.  Art for me is a subtle thing. Certainly not a social shout out. I saw another straight young woman walking in the street I used to call this painting ‘‘A writing on the wall - The appearance of the muse’’
Now I call it ‘The search for a redeeming angel for the straights’.

The 1st January newsletter

What's new in Studio Nurit Shany?

Inner images create a parallel rich reality in you, in me, in them, in those who enjoy timaginative voyages

Nurit Shany, 'Is this the bird that is me?', oil on canvas, 20x25 cm 

Is it me or an impression of the many twitters I've heard?

The humming melody that burns for eternity In my internal chambers

Real to my dreams yet a dream to reality

Smiling as it stares at my nakedness that knows not how to shed and grow new glorious colorful wings.

מהו קולה של הציפור הפנימית הנשמע מתוכי

האם הוא אני או רישומי  הציוצים הרבים ששמעתי

צלילי אש תמיד בהיכלות פנימיים

אמת בחלומותיי וחלום במציאות

מחייכת הציפור אל גופי העירום

שלא השכיל להשיל ולגדל עטרת פאר כנפיים

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