The 1st newsletter of December 2018

A parallel universe

Is another hypothetical universe

That runs parallel to our universe

Nurit Shany, 'Chat-Chat', oil painting, 2018

A detail fom the oil painting: 'Im very protective of not putting this thought in to my head'

I invite you to join me on my creative Journey.

During the last very creative year I found new forms to visualize the concept of ‘alternative worlds’.

In my art this concept doesn’t remain in the physic theory but is experienced in life itself that surrounds us daily.

As you know, the human consciousness is wide as ones awareness, yet in every instance we are not always aware of the many worlds active and alive around us.

When there are a number of people, children and animals in a location each one’s thoughts relate to the occurrence in a different way from a different angle, feeling different things and actually creating a reality parallel to the realities of the other present in the location. Yet most participants will relate to a situation only from their own point of view.

In the same way as when a person present at a point of time is living through alternative worlds when in the same time seeing the reality outside, experiencing an internal experience, remembering a memory from another time and place and having an association that symbolically portrays the situation.

This paintings from the series ‘WHAT-IF’- ‘alternative realities’ illustrate two parallel worlds mirroring each other. One is the factual image and the other is an imaginative ima

The 2nd newsletter of December 2018

Alternative reality

Nurit Shany, 'Chat,Chat', Oil on canvas, detail.

"A strange bird"


this is a sign that I was not invited to travel

in their inner space

Even though people seem to be like objects

such as metal or wood, since they are revealed

to each other in their physical form, in fact

every person has an inner space like a landscape,

like a city and like a sea or a galaxy.


We become ourselves facing the reality drawn

by the senses and most people are wrong to think

that reality is shared by them and others

and that it is one.


So it happens to me that when I hear the

singing of a stranger through my eyes,

I hide the feeling that he or she is a strange bird.

Then a bird awakens


A red chest blows feathers in the cold

in a flash, fluttering from bush to a bush in my garden

A grey bird swings its black tail in a puddle.


Different from with in the time is differently sensed

The rhythm of time and moods sing a melody.

Different worlds like many birthday balloons

in each of us.

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